Friday, March 25, 2011

the pied piper of lost melodies...

She liked to whistle wherever she went. She liked the freedom and expression of it. She liked the images of orchestras and symphonies being replayed in her mind while she whistled. She liked the mindlessness of whistling while she read or walked or sat and waited, and the echo off the walls when whistling down the hallways.She liked the feeling of accomplishment when she reached a high note that was once impossible, and the way it felt complete when she finished the last note, and the way it made an empty room feel less lonesome.

She liked all that, because it was her release from everyday stress and pressure and an outlet for her excitement and happiness. She liked being the master of the echoes, the queen of her world of notes, the pied piper of lost melodies,and the girl who whistles like a lark...

Jeanette A. Kuris, 1992

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